Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 28 June 2014

The Next Episode…

Hope you’re ready for the next Episode…

This week got underway with the ‘App’ that David from 360 Degree Fitness suggested I download: My Fitness Pal, which logs all my KJ’s (I guess its French for Calories (Royale with Cheese anyone)).
I am suddenly very aware of the quantity of food I eat and how very easily you can blow out in a day. Even on the recommended, I feel conservative, setting that works on KJ intake for a loss of 1Kg a week, which allows me 13,000 odd KJ’s a day.

The key learning is that yeah, you’ll have a blow out.  But don’t take that as a reason to continue to over indulge since ‘you’re in the red’.  Message received Dave!

So after tightening up a little, I’m getting the idea of all this.  I realise that to make my goal of sub 110kg, I’m going to have to push myself a bit harder.  I’ve decided to reduce my intake to the setting which will see me losing 2Kg a week (11,004KJ/day).  It’d probably be worth getting advice on weight loss at this rate, but I’ve never been a half measure sort of guy.  All or nothing!  This is not a good attitude to health and wellbeing when you don’t have all your chips pushed in.

Thought i’d do the righty and pick up a men fitness group session at a local community centre with Dave from 360 Degree fitness.  Wow, I was hurting after that, sucking the big ones.  My fitness needs some work.

Avg KJ/ day this week: 10,200 ish

Biggest day: 14,000 KJ

Off to work next week, this will be when it’ll be tough.  Essentially alone for week on site.

I’m supposedly the master of my own destiny…