Nui’s Weight Loss Journey

Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 14 November 2014

Moving again…

I hate moving, I’ve moved a lot of times over the past 10 yrs. Kalgoorlie, Newcastle, Kalgoorlie, Wellington, Dunedin, Wellington, Auckland…. Packing is shit. Coupled by the fact that I have some real mixed feelings about moving, enthusiasm is at an all time low.

I’ve been real slack and haven’t worked out for a while and now I have some crappy cold, so I’m avoiding working out some more. The nutrition has been ok, had a reasonably large night on Saturday to mark the first regatta of boat racing this year. There’ll be a few tubes sunk over the next few months so I need to snap out of this rut and get my work done during the week.

I guess while I’ve been slack, I’m dialling in on the chicken/rice/vege meal plan. If you can control the intake, that’ll be enough until you turn the bend I figure. I had a read of the latest article that Dave from 360 Degree fitness has written [] about the 5 main pieces of advice given to punters looking to lose weight or increase fitness. All of this still rings true almost 6 months in. Also his 5 steps are much more reasonable than mine, not that anyone has asked me to give mine. I do have a few motivational gems that I do recall when times get tough, my favourites are:

Arnie’s famous 6 rules on life, in particular – ‘I recommend you sleep faster’ which is his description of “Work your Butt off”!

Mohammed Ali’s – “I don’t count my sit-ups, I only start counting when it starts hurting, when I feel pain, that’s when I start counting, cause that’s when it really counts.”

Although I count all of my reps, unless they are half reps, because then they aren’t reps and I’m not in it for no sets of none at however many Kgs.

To round it out Big Black’s – ‘Do Work Son’! Is like my gym Mantra, and BroScienceLifes –‘Reps for Jesus’ is the laugh I need to break up those serious lifts. These are great to bust out, while your lifting buddy is mid set squatting, digging 100kg away from the floor.

I had a weigh in on Saturday and hit the 121.5kg mark, so that sub 120kg weigh in is just around the corner. That goal has been a while in the making but it’s so close I can smell it.

I guess once I’m moved into my new digs in Auckland I’ll get my shit back on track, I’m looking forward to not living out of a suitcase anymore and coding 40 expenses a month.

I’ll try be on time and full of funny stories next week.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 31October 2014

I feel like it’s too early in the week to be writing this, but I’ll do my best…

My week last week was all about the nutrition and getting to grips with the new workouts that Dave from 360DF has written me.

I maintained my meal plan pretty well with the inclusion of Avocados, they were cheap and exceptionally tasty. It was a bit of a trudge to get through the half cup of brown rice with every meal but I was getting pretty creative by the end of the week and a modified omelette with rice in it eased the pain of breakfast rice. I got the hot tip on how to poach the chicken, so tonight I might do a big cooking mission and get everything ready for the week.

We did a impromptu outdoor workout on Saturday, knocking over an hour of interval cardio work, and then I tried to run from Paparangi to Newlands, maybe asking a little much from my tired self by the time I got to the top of Newlands college. Rescue appeared as I was focusing in just getting home regardless of speed and I accepted the ride home, confident that I wouldn’t have even considered trying to do that not so long ago. I probably won’t consider it for some time either.

I made sure that I undid all that hard work on Saturday night, but it was one hell of an afternoon/night….

I got up to Auckland this morning and first email up, as I logged in, is from Dave, with my 6 new HIIT circuits for squaring my new goal away. It all looks achievable, albeit a little painful on some days. So it’s all new and I’m looking forward it, mostly. It was good to get through the lifting days last week and really get involved with setting up the routines. It’s funny how little time you need to spend on your chest and biceps when you want to trim down. Also how super-setting becomes a factor if you want to get more into your small amount of lifting time.

Anyway, this week is full of outdoors work, so hopefully it continues to rain. I will begin the new routine in full at the gym and continue with the nutrition plan.

As soon as my body recovers from Saturday night….

Gotta go, actual work needs to be done.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 17 October 2014

Failure to Launch…

I have tried and I just can’t commit to counting calories at the moment.  I’d rather work harder in the gym than count calories.  Honestly if anyone has any advice, comment or PM me because I need a fresh idea or something.  Legitimately, any ideas on managing nutrition and counting calories welcome.

I know my inability to accurately log calories is adding risk to my weight loss, it is a path full of peril.

Anyway, it’s been a busy week of what can only be called labouring.  I’ve pretty much hung up the project manager’s hat, due to a lack of projects, which stretches for the foreseeable future.  So now it’s back to the old school, no frills, bench work.  This involves walking back and forth on a blast site endlessly, dragging around equipment or topping up blast holes with gravel once loaded.  There has been a great amount of activity in the last week, with an average blast being about 13000 steps, most of which are knocked over in about 5 hours.  I’m happy with this level of activity in my workplace.

I put a few numbers together on the whole bucket of gravel gig.

20KG per bucket
2 buckets per hole (approximately 10M walk from gravel to hole)
40 holes
1.6 tonne of gravel moved about 1KM.

The thing is, 12 months ago I would have struggled to complete this task. Whereas on Wednesday I just did it, no breaks, no breathers, just trooped on and knocked the job over (we were short on time…).  It was a welcome indication of my fitness improvement.  We’ve had a few more jobs since then and I’m dialled in on the Bench work, which was once the bread and butter of my career.  I’m confident that I’ve actually improved from when I was doing it last, which is no doubt due to everything I’ve done over the last four months.

Why do people accuse you of being ‘mad’ when you tell them you are going to the gym after a 12 hour day at work? It’s probably the most enjoyable thing I do when I’m away, especially while the fishing is still washy on the fringe of summer.

So, plan for this week is work hard in and out of the gym and keep a good, balanced diet of aprox what I think is at a calorie deficit, whilst avoiding bourbon, Carls Jr, poker and cheesecake, because that happened on Saturday.  No prizes for those who can guess who that was with…

Oh yeah, and get around to resetting those goals… I’ll have a sit down with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness when I get home.

Get some #gains team.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 3 October 2014

2 steps forward, 0.5kg backwards…

I’m sure you can work out the driving issue of this week’s entry.  It’s not a biggy, I sort of knew it was coming just a little disappointing.  124.5kg.  Never mind.

Is it a coincidence that it’s also the same week that I took a break from MyfitnessPal?  I guess we’ll find out over the next few weigh-ins.  I’m undecided yet.

It was a very clunky start to the week.  It takes days to recover from benders now, how did we do it 10 years ago?

Monday was a dot day exercise wise.  Tuesday I picked up the pace with one my usual weights sessions followed by some interval training.  I downloaded an App on the Iphone and created a couple of circuit/interval training sessions.  It was tough times but I felt a lot better for the workout. The remainder of the week looked like this until Friday, which is solely reserved for managing the flying home process.  Saturday and Sunday back on the weights.

Packed lunches from the Motel went down a treat again this week.  It’s a degree of hospitality lost on many hoteliers these days.  I pay for them but it’s a whole lot better than cafe lunches etc.  Meals in the evening were pretty simple.  Most notably Nando’s chicken, HOT.  Now after the weekend of boozing, it turns out I had a few brand new taste buds which took offence to the heat and I had a tidy sweat on.

I forgot to take my pre workout twice this week and it made no difference to my workout, with the exception of my face not tingling.  So I’m going to start leaving it off the shopping list.  I think I will save it for the days when I’m not feeling it or I’m going to back up with a second workout.  Placebo much maybe?

Lastly I spent the afternoon fishing on Saturday.  That was the standout activity of the week.  We slayed undersized Blue Cod and tiny fish on gear designed for 15kg+ specimens, but it was good to get down to the ocean and dial in on something relaxing.

This week is all about hitting the ‘Church’ (the 360 Degree Fitness gym) for some weights and picking up a few group fitness sessions.  I may even drag a few accomplices along with me.  If I do, I expect you won’t read their blogs.  Just mine.  Ok? Haha.

I may keep away from the Bourbons for a while as well.

Shot team.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 28 September 2014

Back to writing the Party blog again…

If I was to only take one thing away from my ‘Writings’ of the past few months it would be, I like to have a good time, often, but with bloody good people to be fair.

Let’s break this last week down into segments:


It was a reasonably plain old week, ate pretty healthy, got in 3 workouts with my new shiny Gym membership and kept the macros on the money.  It’s all pretty routine now.  Just part of the day to day.

I’m loving the packed lunches from the motel I’m staying at, this place is just a classic kiwi motor lodge.  Lunch arrives in a brown paper bag with my name on it, small bag of chippies, filled rolls, heaps of fruit and a big bottle of water.  They are doubling as breakfast as well due to the generosity.


Got a leg workout in on Friday afternoon, had a quick debrief over a beer, before picking up some mates and we were off like a ‘Robbers dog’ to Cambridge.

Cambridge has so often been the beginning of some ‘Big nights’ due to the lake situated a couple KMs down the road.  This time Cambridge was merely the staging point for a Roady down to Wanganui (Whanganui) for a Birthday party.  I always knew it was going to be large.

I was underprepared for what it became. It started at 930am and it was pretty spectacular to be honest.  12 people, 1 Van and the best part of probably $500 worth of booze converted into some of the funniest stories for a long time.  I don’t think I want bourbon for a while…. I will miss the showers though.  Ha-ha.  You just had to be there!


This is the issue with big nights, it’s the ba-zillion KJs of shitty food that gets consumed the next day. Not that I know the actual figure.  I was in no mood for Myfitnesspal because I have had some software issues with my phone, which means the streak ended at 95 days… back to day 1.  It can stay there for a while, I feel that I have a pretty good hold on what I need to eat and in what portions.  Except for yesterday, about half of that should be good I think.

I lost and then luckily found my Fitbit.  Albeit after it had spent the evening in the grass at the party, in what can only be called torrential rain and a big portion of luck.

So needless to say, I’ve been avoiding Dave from 360 degree fitness because that way I don’t have to take ownership of my ‘expansive weekend’.  I’m back in business today though, should make the gym tomorrow and maybe tack some circuit work on the end to burn off all of the fast food and friendship bourbons.

You’ve gotta enjoy yourself! Bring on the summer of boat racing!


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 21 September 2014

A well needed break…

I dropped a week off my blog to focus on some other matters, so sit tight and I’ll summarize 2 weeks into 1 update.

Week 1:

Nursing a battered body and a lack of sleep, I had a quiet start to the week.  Off to Auckland on the Monday for 5 days, go through the usual process of spend the morning discussing sport with the logistics manager, spend afternoon writing the previous weeks blog, finding accommodation, and unpacking my stuff on the spare bed.

I caught up with some mates in Takanini and generally kicked back a little.

Come Wednesday after 24 hours of particularly stressful discussions, I decided I would go sign up for a trial at the local gym and move some ‘Tin’ to burn off some of the ‘bad energy’.  I got in a couple good workouts, still struggling with a damaged big toe, which was limiting my cardio abilities…. but I’ll survive haha.

A reasonably clean eating weekend, including a PT session with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness and I sailed into Week 2, still under a reasonable amount of stress and increasing duress.

I have managed to drop 1kg somewhere, so that’s a win.

It’s tough to discuss this, but it’s important so I’ll give a bit of insight.  The stress of life coupled with some really tough decisions and situations to try and resolve, will take its toll on your will and spirit.   It also soaks up more your of energy than you realise.  It’s easy to lose drive and focus during these times.

Having goals and stretch targets in place as well as a good support base, people who are there for you through thick and thin, will help you through these times.  But you have to let the brain rest too. Moderation and balance, the 2 elusive targets.  I was also reminded that moderation should be done in moderation too.  Go excessive every now and then as well.

Back to the physical:  Week 2.

I pushed myself pretty hard last week, 7 workouts in 7 days.  2 x Leg days, 2 x chest/shoulders/Tris, 2 x Back and Bi’s.  On Wednesday, my rest day I picked up a group session in Tawa with Dave and pushed myself through the circuit work.  Struck out 2 goals last week with Deadlift and Squat now well over the 100kg mark.  Time to sit on these weights for a couple of weeks and focus on good technique and repetition.  Body weight is the next lifting goal for these 2 and 84 kg for bench.

The diet was pretty balanced through the week, it’s been 90 days on My Fitness Pal and I’ve finally seen the big picture.  My Macro’s were bang on for the week: 40% Carbs, 30% Fat, and 30% Protein. Needless to say the world’s chicken supplies have suffered, along with the nostrils after some dusty Protein flatulence… Too much info? Haha.

We celebrated the Election night in a unique way, as some of you may have seen with ‘Alternative Election night commentary’ up for offer on Social media.  I’ve got onto some Zero sugar Bourbons that allow me to play up on the odd occasion, but remain in a good area calorie wise.

It doesn’t exclude the hangover from the equation, but I can still have a few tubes and keep the ledger relatively balanced.

I have 2 weeks in Auckland now, rest days will include cardio and push ups and I should have some company on gym days all going to plan, which should consolidate the gains of last week.

Keep smiling team and I’ll keep fighting the good fight.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 7 September 2014

Crippling assumed fitness…

I’ve had another week at home due to some imposed annual leave.  Apparently five weeks leave accrual is a little more than work will accept on the ‘Run 2 Line’ budget initiative in place to see us through to the end of the financial year.

I’ve spent heaps of time with my girls, which has been real good.  They are still a splendid method of over indulging food wise, as all the stuff they eat is real tasty and real easy to eat, they also routinely leave a large percentage of their meal uneaten.  So that’s been a bit of a battle.  I also may have used takeaways as a bargaining tool during the week, so I’ve had two 1000 KJ blow outs during the week.

I also had the ‘pleasure’ of crossing the touchline in an invitational, so called,  social rugby match on Friday night.  Now my all round fitness has improved a great deal since starting this in June.  My strength is also increasing in a steady trend, mostly due to a lot of lifting sessions with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness.

These improvements counted for what felt like exactly nothing when you start running into a couple large specimens on the footy field.  Match fitness is a completely different thing.  I wasn’t expecting a full 80mins or anything, but it’s amazing the energy expended trying to stop and start a big body around a field.  The impact is also something I had forgotten about, somehow… I had a hell of a time, with some good boys on the field and a few celebratory jugs to boot.  I also tucked in a feed at BK somewhere after this.  I forgot about my diet after 3 jugs, it must have been the head knocks at ruck and maul time… At least I wasn’t one of the ones with the broken nose or collar bone.

Now, Saturday mornings are usually a pretty busy time for me, I take my eldest to tap dancing, do the run around and see the mates and my folks etc. This is followed by making grand plans for the evening.

Saturday gone started at 7:30am with a string of groans and swear words as I slowly crept to the edge of the bed and attempted to move my feet to the floor.  It was at this stage I realised my head wouldn’t turn on my neck.  I battled to get some clothes on and get my daughter to tap dancing. Needless to say it was a very quiet day, chewing over some war wounds with a mate.  That evening I watched the AB’s play from a 2 yr olds foam chair on the lounge floor of a friend’s.  It took about a minute to get both in and out of this soft, foamy trap.  Needless to say, no exercise was undertaken over the weekend and I’m still pretty sore writing this at 3pm on Monday.

As a parting note, I got myself a Fitbit and have been playing with that app and its options.  It works nicely with MyFitnessPal and isn’t intrusive in anyway.  I’ve now gone 77 days logging all my food and its becoming a little tiresome.  I will see out 100 days as a personal goal and change to the Fitbit App for tracking, maybe I’ll scour another 100 days on that app.  It’s a nifty little contraption!

See, I told you I’d have a story this week.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 31 August 2014

Consistency is key…

As this goes to press, I find myself a little lost for enthusiasm.  Mostly to do with some sort muscular issue in my back [editors note: follow this link for an article on handling training injuries] which has me off the workouts at the moment, but also it’s been a funny old week.

The week nutrition wise was pretty inconsistent. I had a wee blow out after a few beers on Wednesday, followed by a full day out on a boat, deep sea fishing.  According to the pedometer there were 4500 steps taken on the boat alone, which equates to a lot of balancing effort, and the conditions were perfect, so on a rough day the work would add up pretty quick.  Over the weekend we celebrated Dads 65th birthday which was entertaining. We had a BBQ, enjoyed some of that hard earned fish from Thursday and a few beers.  Then a few more, then the rest of them and a bottle of Red tucked in for good measure.

Note: This seems familiar.

That aside it was yet another cracking weekend.  Good company, Good times.

With all the activities of the week and the past few weeks of work presenting such a full schedule, Sleep has been on the back burner for a while now, I feel, to my detriment. I’ve never been much of a sleeper to be fair.  Be it early starts for work or FOMO [fear of missing out] while away with my mates.  However it is becoming more apparent that more exercise makes me more tired and I have not been balancing the books in this area.  I’ve sought a little advice on the topic and have added another supplement to assist in the quality of sleep.  So it’s all about catching up with sleep this week.

Ticked a couple boxes last week.  PB [personal best] Squat and Deadlift, so progress is ticking along nicely there and I picked up an Open group fitness session at the Tawa Community centre with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness.

This week is going to be all sleep, healing the back issue and eating consistently. I’ll be back next with more energy and no doubt a funny story because this entry is dull.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 24 August 2014

How Air NZ took away my Carls Jr…

It had been a reasonably solid week on the nutrition stakes, keeping it in the green on the My Fitness Pal app.  I’d put in the hours at work earlier in the week for the run home to completion of the latest project on Friday.  It was safe to say I had some time to kill Friday afternoon, thought I’d have a cheeky feed from Carls Jr, which if you’ve had before, you’ll know is a special time.  It would fry my Macros but nonetheless I had the Kjs to spare and I was going to draw on them for a burger.  Until Air NZ stepped in.

Now I know this is way off subject.  But at 4PM my phone tells me that I had completed check in and to proceed to the gate.  I was 30km away from the airport… So I panicked, grabbed my gear and raced out to the car, jumped in and I was off to the airport, ready to fight!  I called my travel agent on the way and she got to work sorting it out.

When you have faith in the system, it will let you down.  When you’ve got the gloves on ready for a round or 2, it operates seamlessly….  I got to the airport an hour earlier than planned and everything went swimmingly.  So I never got to Carls Jr.

The plan for the last 14 days was a green light everyday on food intake, get some exercise in, keep the macros on target and get results.  All boxes ticked.  Consistency is the key and it is working well.

I got out to a birthday celebration on Saturday night, it was brilliant, great company and great to see so many people who have been so core to my families past and no doubt future.  I feel privileged to share the bond that our families do.  It was also awesome to have plenty of supporters in that group. Had a few beers, a few more and then another for good measure.  The bloody ‘smart’ phone ran out of juice pretty early, so I grabbed my overall KJ’s remaining number before its death and subtracted 436Kj from it for each beer.  Bless nutritional info on beer bottles these days.  When I ran out of KJs I got on the water and was happy for the rest of the evening.

Weigh in on Saturday morning had me packing myself a little, worried I wouldn’t see the results that I was hoping for.  It was unnecessary.

125Kg flat! 3kg off in 3 weeks. Really happy.

New minor goal is Sub 120Kg and few strength KPIs.  I’m keeping these goals with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness for now.  We’ve got a big 2 weeks of working out ahead, until it’s time to go back to work.

I’m making the most of my enthusiasm at the moment.

I might make the most of this weather and go for a fish too.  Weights aren’t the only goals measured in Lbs!


Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 17 August 2014

Kicking goals…

It’s been a big week in Auckland with 12-14hr work days on site, followed by an hour or so a night on the computer, which has limited my time for anything other than sleep, which I’m not getting enough of.  I have however had one of those weeks where it’s cold and shitty with rain and wind for good measure.  I’m pretty certain that when you are working outside in that weather you churn through the calories pretty quick.

I was also successfully banging out 5 balanced meals a day this week with loads of fruit and a good balance on the Macros.  2 Bananas a day baby!

I got a workout in on Monday night, in the hotel, which isn’t well equipped at all.  Half way through my workout, an oriental gentleman wonders into the gym, dressed in a fine NZ woollen jumper, Khakis and tan dress shoes.  He peruses the wall chart for the weights machine and then hops aboard and does a few awkward reps of every exercise on the chart.  I did get quite a lot of entertainment out of this.  Other than that outing, I haven’t put many points on the table this week workout wise.  I am considering getting a step counting gizmo.  I reckon I’d be cranking out between 5000-7000 a day currently.

Not a single drop of booze this week. It’s not giving up. I’m just not leaning on booze to ‘relax’.

The goal is 12 days (1 whole swing away at work) in the green KJ wise. I’m 7 days down so far.  I’ve also gone 55 days consecutive on my fitness Pal logging my meals.  So that goal has pushed to 100 days.

Goal setting is something that people can get wrong.  I’m not going to badger the shit out of you with ‘Effective goal setting techniques’. That’s where a trainer/mentor will come in. Google “SMART objectives”.  Enough said.

My Trainer/Mentor is Dave from 360 Degree fitness.  To give you some background, I taught Dave (Big Cat/Hutch/’The Snag-spert’) to fish a couple years of ago.  He in return went away and caught a bigger Kingfish than me.  In summer-time we will have to split workout time and fishing time a little closer to 50% each.

So with his support and advice I’m undertaking this journey.  I will ring him 3 times a week with random questions and new ways that I’ve thought up to cheat the ‘body’ into gains/losses.  He will usually steer me down the correct thought path and keep me on track.  He designs my workouts and I also do the vast majority of my Lifting with Dave at his place and try to score some free dinner while I’m there.

Without his support and mentoring I wouldn’t have made it this far.  It’s important to have the reminders you require to drive to the next goal.  Cheers Mate!

Next goal: 125Kg and 100 days consecutive on the old ‘App’.

Maybe I’ll see some of you soon at one of the 360 Degree Fitness group fitness classeswhen I get back to Wellington.



Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 10 August 2014

The people on the sidelines…

Let’s kick off with some positives:

  • Made it to a men’s group fitness session run by Dave from 360 Degree Fitness last Monday morning and expanded the lungs after what had been a big weekend.
  • Got in 4 more workouts of varying value during the week.  Lots of weights, big numbers in the tin, low reps sort of stuff, going till technical failure on the last set.
    My body has been 360 Degrees worth of hurt this week…
  • I bought a new shirt and a new pair of jeans, both a size down from where I started, so now there is a new KPI: Clothing size!

Intake wise I finished the week in the green on My Fitness Pal by about 3500Kj even after a blow out on Saturday night, Re: Last week’s blog.  Same Hurdles, same race, same outcome.

I’m going to have to look at the way I drink to be honest.  It’s causing me grief in both my weight loss career and my personal life.

It’s also becoming apparent that it’s time to join a Gym, looking for something 24hr that I can use nationwide.  Equipment wise I’m looking for a rowing machine, a power cage and some tin, so that’s not an issue.  There’s not a lot of options, but I think I’m settled on one so I’ll be sorting that out shortly.

So, blog title relevant information ahead… It’s interesting how the people around you react to the choices you make. I made a choice to lose the weight, I also made a choice to write about it. There is heaps of support coming in too, which I can only say thanks for. [editors note: for info on building support systems follow this link]

Getting messages from around the country and even around the world is good energy, I love that shit!  But there is also a bad vibe, people will drop sly remarks and sarcastic comments.  These people will be closer to you than you expect.  I’m just letting it slide for now.  Letting stuff slide is not my default setting either…

Results are fact.  I deal in facts.

Cheers again for the support team, it wouldn’t be half as much fun without you.


Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 3 August 2014

If only I was a light bulb…

Apparently 1KJ is 1 watt of output for 1 second. So a 100w light bulb consumes 6000KJ in a minute.

If only I was that bright…

I am becoming acutely aware of the fact that I continue to write about the hurdles I come across and that I run into the same hurdles continuously.

Booze is a constant hurdle.  I enjoy a drink, I really enjoy the next 5 or 6 after that on the weekends.  I saw the blowout coming on Saturday night and accepted the fact.  It was a great evening with a group of 15 of us getting amongst some Japanese at a BYO on Courtenay Place.  The salad entree I had generated some discussion.  Not as much as all the wine though.  Everyone had a great time and it really is important to get that social balance right.

I’ve been out for dinner a few times in the last week and that’s stretched the Calorie friendship.  I’ve done my best to mow out as much salad as I can, but it’s the bloody wine with dinner.  My conclusion is that it’s ridiculous to try and achieve all of my nutritional goals and enjoy dinner out. Obviously, Dinner out is going to be the loser on this one.

But I don’t have much issue with that anymore.

I jumped in the car with some of the field operators from our Auckland business on Wednesday to go get some smoko.  Pies, sausages, kebabs and the like were all the order of the day, washed down with coke of course.  I actively chose to buy a 1.5l of water and 2 bananas, and I was happy with my choice.  It’s these moments that make me realise the changes I’ve made and how much better I feel for them.

Anyway, I got a couple of workouts in during the week.  Getting a good sweat up and then getting some weights done, I find it easy to talk myself into weights, not so much the rowing machine. Working out is heaps easier now that I’ve kicked some of those soft kilos and the heart rate seems a lot more stable during exercise.  I need to focus on consistently working out.  Creating those good habits, as opposed to the sporadic exercise of the present.

I’ll hopefully squeeze in a couple of Men’s group fitness sessions with Dave from 360 Degree fitness this week and get some Olympic lifting underway.

Weigh in on the weekend had 128kg popping up on the scales. Trending well, although I’m a little disappointed with only 0.5kg loss/week.  I’m going to make a few more changes to diet and exercise over the next week or so to start making those gains and losses.

I think the easy work has been done.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 27 July 2014

Bananas:  B – A – N – A – N – A – S!

FACT: The only known source of Potassium in the world is Bananas.  I know this through the process of trying to balance my Macro’s.

After 6-7 weeks of this gig, balancing macros has become easier.  Sodium intake has been the toughest to manage but I’ve had 4 days this week with green lights across the board (under on bad things, over on the good) which spurs the internal victory dance.  Fresh food/green food/food which had a face is ticking the boxes, along with fill ya boots on the greens.

I’ve cracked on this week and managed my diet pretty well.  I’m finding that 11000KJs is a lot of food now and I’m sitting between 8000 – 10000KJ a day pretty comfortably now.  Eating my meals on time and picking better food seems to make me less hungry during the day.  I had a chat to Dave from 360 Degree Fitness and he has reminded me that while the main focus is weight loss through diet, sitting at this KJ rate is fine, once the heavy workouts begin, food intake needs to increase with it.  Food is energy.  Gotcha!

Running has been on the cards lately and while it’s a bit colder out, running is pretty enjoyable. Unfortunately the stretchy bits that hold my body together aren’t picking up what I’m putting down. I’ve never enjoyed running.  I’ve always been a moving heavy things, slowly, kind of guy.  However, in the last few weeks I’ve had the drive to run and the ol’ brain drugs (endorphins, I’m told) kick in quick and make running a satisfying experience.  John Kirwan is on the money with his claims of exercise equalling mental wellness.  Unfortunately the body is just not built for running at the moment so I’m having to ease myself into it.  My right Achilles in particular isn’t a fan of propelling me at speed through the world.

When I’m able to, I’ll run myself silly.

I had the pleasure of catching up with long time friends this week and we had pizza for dinner with their kids and then a few scotches, while we played some new breed of monopoly and solved the world’s big issues.  I blew the KJ’s at dinner, which was inevitable but was a little disappointing. Having an overdue catch up does the soul good, keeping the whole shooting match in balance and enjoying great company ‘vetoes’ the KJ expenditure.

A few beers Saturday afternoon knocked the KJ’s around and watching people eat K-Fry while I have eggs on toast is not my idea of fun, but I stuck to the plan and stayed on target while prepping some gear for my first fishing expedition in the Firth of Thames with a few chaps.  Not worth mentioning much more about that.

Good company, good food, good times.

P.S: There is something wrong with my clothes, they are starting to fall off under their own accord.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 20 July 2014

Go big or go home…

Go large or go home… (On the 3am bus that is).

We’ll get to the blow out in a bit.

Firstly the weather has been ridiculous, 7 years in outback, Western Australia has me at a negative stance with cold, shitty southerlies. Plus it spoils the south coast for fishing.

Mum and dad’s scales get wheeled out for another weigh in: 129.4kgs.

Another 2kgs gone!  I’m crushing this!

I got some good time in with my daughters, 6 & 8 years old, who are driving me to lose weight.
It was only 3-4 months ago when my eldest, bless her, called me ‘big fat daddy’ while rubbing my tummy.  I know she didn’t mean it in a way to hurt me.  Kids just call it as they see it.  I’m doing this for my own selfish reasons, one of which is to live longer and do more with my kids.  A big ticker will only get you so far, but when it’s pushing blood around a big body, it’s doing work…

Kids will order what they want from Maccas and without fail leave half of it on the tray.  I’ll ‘cherry pick’ the nuggets and maybe the rest of that burger.  Boom!  Water for dinner with a boiled egg and soldiers, maybe I should have got the salad and meat gig from the Turkish joint in the food court. Never mind, keep it below 11,000KJs for the day and consider it ‘food for thought’.

It was a pretty average week diet wise.  Didn’t get into the macro breakdown because I know fat would have been high and protein low.  Just soldiered on with the KJs in mind and tried to not whinge about the weather too much.  It was rubbish if you haven’t heard.

I got myself to a mean fitness session with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness.  A cold evening, a nice warm room in the local community centre, cranking out circuits to some quality NZ beats.  I made it through much easier than the last one. Feeling some gains, need to exercise more now.  Got to get those gains!

The blowout almost deserves its own individual entry.  It’s an epic story of poor choices. I’ll bullet point it for you:

  • Not having dinner so I can drink a dozen low carb beers = Fail.
  • Necking the dozen in 2 hours and going to a party with more beers = Fail
  • Apparently we went to town = It’s hearsay at best!
  • Got amongst it on the D-floor = Exercise?
  • I got home from town at 5am-ish. Some hundreds of $$$ lighter… = gains v losses?

Don’t know how many KJs were consumed, but it would have been a monster of a blow out, considering I wasn’t a functioning human being until 6pm Saturday night, when I finally managed to eat something.  I did however put some of the drinks into Saturday’s count, as they were consumed on the Saturday…

From what I’m told, I was in stellar form on Friday night.  So I’m glad I enjoyed myself…

Good chat team.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 14 December 2014

Forget Sons of Anarchy, this is the finale you should be focused on.

When I first started blogging my weight loss journey, I figured it would be a bit of accountability for those times of apathy and a bit of a giggle for all the bits in between. It’s ranged from being the party blog to times where it has been very deep and personal. This one is feeling pretty personal…

Achievements so far:

Last weigh in was 118.6kg, which is just over 25kg lost since June. Clothes are loose, work gear is baggy, pants need smaller belts etc. I genuinely feel healthier and leaner.

I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, hard to quantify but most things move pretty easily these days if I apply force to them.

I’m the fittest I’ve been in a decade, I’ve even started trying to run around the suburb that I live in. I’m not setting the world on fire, but believe me, at no stage in my life have I been tempted to run for exercise. I now have a time/distance goal.

I actively seek out the healthier options and monitor my food intake. I’m still not very good at doing this part with the booze, but Zero Sugar bourbons are now the mainstay for big nights.

I have not, as some suggested, lost my personality with the weight. Now if only I could run my body as fast as I run my mouth.

All in all, it’s been a labour, but I’ve grown a passion for health and wellbeing and I’m happy being me now, much happier than me previously. I got lost along the way a few times and chased a few ‘thin’ ideas. The biggest learning was: Do everything in moderation, including moderation. There are no hard and fast rules, for me, Balance seems to be the key.

We’ve all faced our struggles this year, most of you have read mine as well. I lost my biggest supporter last week. Dad would always quietly make a comment about how I’d lost weight or I was looking smaller, something along those lines. Dad didn’t give compliments away often, but he was pretty vocal about it when I started losing weight. Dad was always a big man, not tall, but big and strong. It was hard watching him struggle through the last few years, losing his strength and energy to an illness, which was in part lifestyle related. This fact was another driving force in me changing my lifestyle and improving my overall wellbeing.

I haven’t really done a lot of anything in the last fortnight or so, moving to Auckland and then Dad passing has put everything else on the back burner. Mentally it’s been the most emotional and draining time in my life. But, we’ve come too far to give up. I’ll probably dig  out the rest of this month day by day, make a New Year’s resolution based somewhat around the state of my hangover and not drinking ever again and then kick on with some new goals, as the last one has fallen over pretty fast.

This however, will be my last ‘Weekly’ (How many days are there in a week Nui?) blog. I might drop a note out every now and then. But 2015 may be the year of quietly going about my life, not on Facebook. Thank you to everyone for the support and all the advice.

A massive, whole-hearted thank you to David and Sarah Hutchings, your support, input, advice and friendship have been the launching point of all of this and the shelter in the storms.

Rest easy Dad, I’ll take the load from here.

Merry Xmas everyone,

Love to you all,


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 7 November 2014

The poached chicken affair…

Poached chicken has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve done yet. It was not good, I cooked it under advice from restaurateur. So back to frying it in a non-stick pan with Portuguese seasoning.

Nutrition has been pretty good, avocado on toast for breaky, my sweet packed lunches for the day and Chicken breast, Uncle Bens rice, veges and half an avocado for dinner. Its real plain, but I feel like it’s working, looking forward to weighing on Saturday.

The weekend featured a stag-do and an 80’s party. I took the chance to be sober driver and just chugged on some water for the night. Drunk people are funny to be around, It’s amazing how many drinks you get spilt on you when you are not drinking. I ended up stinking of booze by the end of the night. It was a good night with a few laughs and a lot that apparently only I can remember happening. With boat racing around the corner I don’t think the sober gig will last forever, but it’s probably worth working it in a little more often.

During the week I received the job offer that I’ve been waiting for, so it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks coming up packing my stuff for a move to Auckland. After a bit of thought I might look at changing gyms once I move. My current gym is ok, covers what I want to do, but the branch I most regularly attend is small and I’m losing my patience with going in the afternoon/evening and it being really busy. I might look for another gym which has a bit more room and some more equipment. I’ve got in a couple of morning workouts in, plus I knocked off early one day and one on the weekend. I’ve also started doing 7 min workouts on an App that I downloaded for free. 12 exercises, 30 secs on/ 10 secs off. 7 mins. Bloody tough times actually, but easy enough, all body weight stuff and easily done in the motel room.

I don’t have a lot else to add to be honest. It’s quite hard to fill a weight loss blog with words when all you do is eat pretty well, workout and don’t drink. Maybe I better have a few drinks on the Weekend, just for your guy’s sake, haha.

So, I’ll do some work stick to the diet and aim for sub 120kg weigh in on Saturday morning.

Till then.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 24 October 2014

I’ll try and write my updates by Monday…

I’m getting later and later with these updates. I probably need to get these back to the start of the week.

To round out last week, I had a couple of good workouts, both heavy lifts and a fair amount of activity at work. The weekend kicked off with a few Bevvies for a mates birthday which stayed pretty well on the level and a BBQ the next day. In classic Wellington form, we cooked inside a garage… But BBQ season is well underway.

Since Sunday the nutrition plan has changed. I’m going to push on for at least the next month, with a diet mostly of grilled protein, brown rice, veges and eggs. This should be around 2000 calories/days (8000KJs/day). This amount, according to all the tech wizardry that I’ve invested in will give me at least 500 calorie deficit on days where I do absolutely no exercise, which is pretty rare these days.

To go with this change in nutrition I’ve also aligned my focus in the gym, with more of a focus on burning fat and weight until the end of year. Dave from 360 Degree Fitness has made up a new workout plan for me, Involving 3 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio days to dial in on burning the fat and losing the weight and 2 lifting days with more of a focus on maintaining the strength gains I’ve made up till now. This replaces the nonstop heavy lifting days focused on lifting bigger.

The goal has been written and re-written over the last 2 weeks until it became glaringly obvious the other day. Funnily enough my Doctor was the one who led me to this final layout:

  • To have a flat stomach, by 1/1/2015. (Pretty simple aye, pretty aggressive too)

I’ve had measurements taken and I’ve weighed at the start of this new goal and they are:

  • Chest: 127cm, Waist 114cm, Hips 105cm.
  • Weight 122.5kg

I did drop another 2.5kg between weigh-ins so that was a welcome reward for a couple weeks of focus on diet and activity, oh and cheesecake, that cheesecake was ridiculously good.

I had to do a Periodic medical for work this week and that went very well. Blood pressure has greatly improved and according to BMI I’m just regular obese. Haha, blast your white man metrics….The work is changing as well. I think I’ll maybe only be 20-40% behind a desk now, which means a great deal more time out on Bench doing the hard yards. This is ideal.

I’ll try and write my updates by Monday.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 10 October 2014

Time to cut the crap…

Firstly I shared last week’s blog with a statement around my procedure for weighing in, I sometimes hit the scales regardless, but I only document the weigh-ins that meets the rules:

1, Saturday morning (pre 9am).

2, The scales at Mum and Dad’s house.  (Different scales, different calibrations etc.)

3, No food or drink prior.

4, Weigh twice and average.  (Fluctuations in gravity, or other more likely electrical issues).

Outside of these parameters no weight is recorded.  I’ve found midday, mid-week I can be a kilo or 2 heavier or lighter.  These are the rules I play by, it’s not for everyone but suits me.

I’ve been a little relaxed about things over the last week, even if only in my mind.

My nutrition has been sporadic at best, with some on target days and some pretty off days too.  I’ve had some viral thing going on which has kept me from getting exercise in, for fear of provoking it into something less ideal like tonsillitis, in my own learned medical opinion.  I’ve done this a couple times before and it sucks big time.  Once bitten etc etc.

I notice now that if I don’t get a workout in I feel a little guilty, but mostly I just don’t feel as good as when I have.

I haven’t been doing the calorie counting for a few weeks now and I generally don’t eat as much as I used to, but counting in your head is not as effective as Myfitnesspal.  So it’s getting a start again today.  Back on the bus.

I’ve got some pretty vague goals in place at the moment, so that’ll be addressed this week too.

Anyway, now I’ve documented my faults, time for some positives.

The strength gains have continued to come, which is pleasing.  Dave from 360 Degree Fitness shared a great link during the week on dead lifting, which just so happens to be my favourite lift of all. Check it out if you have a chance.   (Editors note: Link here

I feel my fitness is steadily improving, I’ve been adding interval training on/off at the end of my workouts to add some cardio to exercise regime.  I had a chance to get to one of Dave’s group fitness sessions last Monday night and really gave it all I had.  A mate came along with me and there is nothing like a little bit of rivalry to push you that extra stretch.

I keep finding clothes that are now baggy, or my old ‘Arctic Monkeys’ t-shirt that fits correctly for the first time in 3-4 years, albeit while working out or fishing.  There are probably a few dress shirts which no longer fear a button popping incident.

I got plenty of time in with my girls this week which was good, enjoying the last week of holidays, I won the game of life and picked up a couple of Bingo wins along the way too.  I also got some time in with my fishing gear, which it appreciated and I think I’m ready for a big weekend of fishing off the Coromandel Coast.  I’ll try and turn some of these ‘Gym-made gains’ into some ‘Kingfish losses’.

Re-focused, time to turn out some results.



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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 12 July 2014

A cruel mistress…

Temptation is a cruel, deceitful, psychologically rewarding mistress…

I will harm the next person who puts half a block of Whittaker’s in front of me.  James – Directly at you pal.

Just a couple pieces?  Perfect.  Wow is this the Strawberry one?  It’s pretty good.  Maybe another couple?  ‘Have the rest’ she says.  I eat the remaining half a block over the period of 30 mins… completely aware that a logged the first 4 pieces in My Fitness Pal, but none of the remainder.  Until the next day, all of a sudden yesterday was a blow out, only a 500Kj blow out but still, it would have been 2000KJ in the green had it not been for the chocolate, oh and the chocolate dessert.

Disappointment in myself smells like cocoa… sweet, sweet cocoa.

Otherwise this week has been an exercise in eating plenty of veges and making good choices.  Which I feel I have done.  My mate is really disciplined about his diet and exercise and gets the results from it.  I’m keen to feed on some of this energy and put it to use, which I did, mostly.  80% 80% 80%.

I also forced myself to have a breakfast of marinated mussels and canned tuna to save some KJs for a treat on Friday afternoon before flying home to Wellington.  Mussels are not a breakfast food… Don’t bother with that carry on.  A glass of high pressure steam would have been more pleasant. Anyway, had a feed at Carls Jr in Mangere before jumping on my plane home.  So good.  So highly calorific.  But I saved up my ‘pennies’ and got myself something for them.  A pleasant result.

Note: Portion control is not so much of an issue anymore, I feel full sooner and I don’t want an extra burger with the combo or 2nd steak/seconds in general.

Time for a week off, the weather is shit, southerlies and big swells.  So no fishing, but I’ll get some time in with kids given its school holidays.  I better get along to a men’s group fitness session with Dave from 360 degree fitness too.  It’s been a wee while.


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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 5 July 2014

29 June – 5 July

If you don’t wanna eat – try a gastro-bug!

I’ll start off with, if you don’t want to eat bugger all for 2 days, try a nasty gastro-like bug.
Unwell times…

Sunday was a complete dot day with only Powerade consumed, and me huddled around an oil heater with a blanket, yelling at anything within 6 foot of me, including the heater and the extension cable for their inability to work together.

Monday, jumped on a plane to Westport, still unwell, nursed my way through a cheese savoury and another couple of Powerades.  Cheese savouries may as well be made out of some sort of super exponential KJ³ type ingredients.  But Wow they are tasty.  Felt good enough for a chicken burger that evening.  Not the greatest start to the week so far.

The remainder of the week till Friday was pretty full on trying to wrap up a project that feels like it has consumed my entire life, figuratively speaking.  Made some educated choices around breakfast, usually something with eggs and good old Watties spaghetti, with a couple slices of the lowest KJ toast I could find and even a wee sausage as a treat.  Bacon seems to be off the cards now, but I’m pushing pretty hard at the moment.  Lunch was Subway, everyday.  Dinner was all you can eat veges, with a little salad and a Steak, not 2 Steaks, as it would have been a month ago.

A quick dash to Welly for the weekend.  Jump on the scales this morning: 131.5Kg!


The thing I noticed in my Macro-nutrient break down is my Sodium intake is well higher than it should be.  David from 360 Degree Fitness gives me the hot tip to back off the processed food, and to focus on shifting the ‘Big rocks’ first (focus on KJs).  I’m a miner mate.  I don’t discriminate: All rocks get moved always… haha, message received!

Next stop Auckland for a week, staying with mates, one of whom is the one who got me focused at the gym all those years ago when 108kg was the apex of my physical wellbeing, I’ve got a good feeling about this week coming.

– Nui.

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Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 28 June 2014

The Next Episode…

Hope you’re ready for the next Episode…

This week got underway with the ‘App’ that David from 360 Degree Fitness suggested I download: My Fitness Pal, which logs all my KJ’s (I guess its French for Calories (Royale with Cheese anyone)).
I am suddenly very aware of the quantity of food I eat and how very easily you can blow out in a day. Even on the recommended, I feel conservative, setting that works on KJ intake for a loss of 1Kg a week, which allows me 13,000 odd KJ’s a day.

The key learning is that yeah, you’ll have a blow out.  But don’t take that as a reason to continue to over indulge since ‘you’re in the red’.  Message received Dave!

So after tightening up a little, I’m getting the idea of all this.  I realise that to make my goal of sub 110kg, I’m going to have to push myself a bit harder.  I’ve decided to reduce my intake to the setting which will see me losing 2Kg a week (11,004KJ/day).  It’d probably be worth getting advice on weight loss at this rate, but I’ve never been a half measure sort of guy.  All or nothing!  This is not a good attitude to health and wellbeing when you don’t have all your chips pushed in.

Thought i’d do the righty and pick up a men fitness group session at a local community centre with Dave from 360 Degree fitness.  Wow, I was hurting after that, sucking the big ones.  My fitness needs some work.

Avg KJ/ day this week: 10,200 ish

Biggest day: 14,000 KJ

Off to work next week, this will be when it’ll be tough.  Essentially alone for week on site.

I’m supposedly the master of my own destiny…


Nui’s Weight Loss Journey

So It’s June…

So it’s June, 5 months down on this rollercoaster and not a lot to show for it.  Except for a growing waistline.  To give some detail to that statement; I travel…a lot…34.32 weeks a year to be exact. The travel isn’t the issue – it’s the takeaways, restaurant dinners, pies and beers that do the damage. Returning home for a week off is equally as bad because I spend a week catching up with everyone. Involving beers and restaurants, takeaways, and late night pie missions when I’m out fishing with a mate and its cold and the fishing is ‘less than ideal’.

I’m a big guy, 6ft, fluctuating from 135-145Kg lately.  I left NZ a spritely 108Kg after a lot of dedication at the gym with a mate and an apprenticeship income, which afforded me little once a few Wellington bars took their share of my earnings.  Career success leads to greater earning, less active work and a more extravagant lifestyle.  These add kilos.  About 25 to 30 of them.  Over 7-8 years.

Rugby helped keep the fitness in check.  A string of injuries made sure rugby’s good deeds didn’t go without punishment.

So here I am, Just off the back end of another swing (rostered days on, I’m a Project manager for a mining support company) in Westport.  I jump on the scales, half expecting disappointment, to find that 144Kg has turned into 134Kg… 2 very active weeks, totalling somewhere around 150 hrs of work has done a number on the weight.  10 kg lost through getting on the tools, up and down ladders and lifting endless lengths of schedule stainless steel pipe.  All of this with little to no change in diet.  I wonder what I could achieve if laid off the Fish n chips with a couple of eggs.

David from 360 Degree fitness has given me some guidance and a few tools to give this a proper nudge, I’m a fairly driven guy, with some well documented vices, but I’m in this 100%, well maybe 80% to be fair…but 80% good is better than 100% apathy.

So it begins.  I’m going down this path, I know this will seem uneventful to some, but this is my gig and this blog will be a key driver for me too, because I will be accountable for my losses and likely gains.

I’m on the Job.


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