This is what our clients have to say about our personal training and group fitness sessions:

-Chris W, Group Fitness and Personal Training client

I would like to express my thankfulness for your personal training with my mum for the last several years. During this time I was able to see her transformed body with more energy, stamina and strength.

She lost over 12 kg and gained more then strength, but positive outlook to regular active training.

I thank you for being caring, attentive to her specific needs, and really flexible and creative with your training programme, tailored her age, strength and physical condition.

Her move to Auckland while exciting, will be saddened by not training with you any more, as any one training her in a future will have to fill large shoes.

-Anna T., Daughter of Personal Training Client

“I’ve never been a group exercise person – I usually feel too embarrassed and nervous. But Dave plans every session and talks us all through. He meets each one of us where we are.”

-Jean-Marie O., Corporate Group Fitness Client

“I highly recommend Dave’s fitness sessions. When we started, I had a fairly low level of fitness but soon noticed significant improvements, which has had a big impact on my overall energy levels and weight management.

Dave is a great instructor – far from the scary personal trainer I had imagined! – who is really able to motivate a group. He was also able to scale our exercises to suit different fitness levels and manage any pre-existing injuries. Our corporate sessions were lots of fun and a good way to spend our lunchtimes!”

-Alice T., Corporate Group Fitness Client

“I had been for a little while keen to do a bit of light training to ‘sharpen up’, following my retirement. I wanted something personal and not too ‘driven’.  A friend recommended 360 Degrees Fitness. It is nice to be able to support a local business and a new one and I heard that the classes were run well.  I must say I am very pleased that I committed to this trainer and his training methods!

I was made to feel very welcome from the outset.  At no time felt ‘inadequate’ or ‘threatened’ despite my physical frailties – in fact felt that David was there to support and assist on a personal level.  I felt encouraged that I could adapt some exercises to fit my needs rather than follow the set programme to the letter.  David is a very calm instructor, a good listener with a sense of humour and most definitely a supportive attitude.”

– David D., Group Fitness Client

“When I approached David a year ago seeking to improve my performance in sport I felt like I had explored everything. He worked one on one with me to break down my strengths and weaknesses and assess where to focus his attention. David devised seemingly simple yet technical and graduated sessions where we worked out wrinkles in my game and I was able to notice significant improvements in my performance.

David has a logical supportive coaching style, he isn’t a want-to-be drill sergeant. When I struggle or become frustrated he is able to talk me through the problems and highlight tweaks to be made resulting in success.

David is forever developing himself as a trainer by keeping his ear to the ground on new techniques used by top international coaches, athletes and human performance experts. This gives me confidence that he won’t spare any effort to help me reach my full potential.”

 – Scott W., Sport Performance/Strength & Conditioning Client