Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 31October 2014

I feel like it’s too early in the week to be writing this, but I’ll do my best…

My week last week was all about the nutrition and getting to grips with the new workouts that Dave from 360DF has written me.

I maintained my meal plan pretty well with the inclusion of Avocados, they were cheap and exceptionally tasty. It was a bit of a trudge to get through the half cup of brown rice with every meal but I was getting pretty creative by the end of the week and a modified omelette with rice in it eased the pain of breakfast rice. I got the hot tip on how to poach the chicken, so tonight I might do a big cooking mission and get everything ready for the week.

We did a impromptu outdoor workout on Saturday, knocking over an hour of interval cardio work, and then I tried to run from Paparangi to Newlands, maybe asking a little much from my tired self by the time I got to the top of Newlands college. Rescue appeared as I was focusing in just getting home regardless of speed and I accepted the ride home, confident that I wouldn’t have even considered trying to do that not so long ago. I probably won’t consider it for some time either.

I made sure that I undid all that hard work on Saturday night, but it was one hell of an afternoon/night….

I got up to Auckland this morning and first email up, as I logged in, is from Dave, with my 6 new HIIT circuits for squaring my new goal away. It all looks achievable, albeit a little painful on some days. So it’s all new and I’m looking forward it, mostly. It was good to get through the lifting days last week and really get involved with setting up the routines. It’s funny how little time you need to spend on your chest and biceps when you want to trim down. Also how super-setting becomes a factor if you want to get more into your small amount of lifting time.

Anyway, this week is full of outdoors work, so hopefully it continues to rain. I will begin the new routine in full at the gym and continue with the nutrition plan.

As soon as my body recovers from Saturday night….

Gotta go, actual work needs to be done.


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