Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 17 October 2014

Failure to Launch…

I have tried and I just can’t commit to counting calories at the moment.  I’d rather work harder in the gym than count calories.  Honestly if anyone has any advice, comment or PM me because I need a fresh idea or something.  Legitimately, any ideas on managing nutrition and counting calories welcome.

I know my inability to accurately log calories is adding risk to my weight loss, it is a path full of peril.

Anyway, it’s been a busy week of what can only be called labouring.  I’ve pretty much hung up the project manager’s hat, due to a lack of projects, which stretches for the foreseeable future.  So now it’s back to the old school, no frills, bench work.  This involves walking back and forth on a blast site endlessly, dragging around equipment or topping up blast holes with gravel once loaded.  There has been a great amount of activity in the last week, with an average blast being about 13000 steps, most of which are knocked over in about 5 hours.  I’m happy with this level of activity in my workplace.

I put a few numbers together on the whole bucket of gravel gig.

20KG per bucket
2 buckets per hole (approximately 10M walk from gravel to hole)
40 holes
1.6 tonne of gravel moved about 1KM.

The thing is, 12 months ago I would have struggled to complete this task. Whereas on Wednesday I just did it, no breaks, no breathers, just trooped on and knocked the job over (we were short on time…).  It was a welcome indication of my fitness improvement.  We’ve had a few more jobs since then and I’m dialled in on the Bench work, which was once the bread and butter of my career.  I’m confident that I’ve actually improved from when I was doing it last, which is no doubt due to everything I’ve done over the last four months.

Why do people accuse you of being ‘mad’ when you tell them you are going to the gym after a 12 hour day at work? It’s probably the most enjoyable thing I do when I’m away, especially while the fishing is still washy on the fringe of summer.

So, plan for this week is work hard in and out of the gym and keep a good, balanced diet of aprox what I think is at a calorie deficit, whilst avoiding bourbon, Carls Jr, poker and cheesecake, because that happened on Saturday.  No prizes for those who can guess who that was with…

Oh yeah, and get around to resetting those goals… I’ll have a sit down with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness when I get home.

Get some #gains team.


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