Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 3 October 2014

2 steps forward, 0.5kg backwards…

I’m sure you can work out the driving issue of this week’s entry.  It’s not a biggy, I sort of knew it was coming just a little disappointing.  124.5kg.  Never mind.

Is it a coincidence that it’s also the same week that I took a break from MyfitnessPal?  I guess we’ll find out over the next few weigh-ins.  I’m undecided yet.

It was a very clunky start to the week.  It takes days to recover from benders now, how did we do it 10 years ago?

Monday was a dot day exercise wise.  Tuesday I picked up the pace with one my usual weights sessions followed by some interval training.  I downloaded an App on the Iphone and created a couple of circuit/interval training sessions.  It was tough times but I felt a lot better for the workout. The remainder of the week looked like this until Friday, which is solely reserved for managing the flying home process.  Saturday and Sunday back on the weights.

Packed lunches from the Motel went down a treat again this week.  It’s a degree of hospitality lost on many hoteliers these days.  I pay for them but it’s a whole lot better than cafe lunches etc.  Meals in the evening were pretty simple.  Most notably Nando’s chicken, HOT.  Now after the weekend of boozing, it turns out I had a few brand new taste buds which took offence to the heat and I had a tidy sweat on.

I forgot to take my pre workout twice this week and it made no difference to my workout, with the exception of my face not tingling.  So I’m going to start leaving it off the shopping list.  I think I will save it for the days when I’m not feeling it or I’m going to back up with a second workout.  Placebo much maybe?

Lastly I spent the afternoon fishing on Saturday.  That was the standout activity of the week.  We slayed undersized Blue Cod and tiny fish on gear designed for 15kg+ specimens, but it was good to get down to the ocean and dial in on something relaxing.

This week is all about hitting the ‘Church’ (the 360 Degree Fitness gym) for some weights and picking up a few group fitness sessions.  I may even drag a few accomplices along with me.  If I do, I expect you won’t read their blogs.  Just mine.  Ok? Haha.

I may keep away from the Bourbons for a while as well.

Shot team.


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