Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 28 September 2014

Back to writing the Party blog again…

If I was to only take one thing away from my ‘Writings’ of the past few months it would be, I like to have a good time, often, but with bloody good people to be fair.

Let’s break this last week down into segments:


It was a reasonably plain old week, ate pretty healthy, got in 3 workouts with my new shiny Gym membership and kept the macros on the money.  It’s all pretty routine now.  Just part of the day to day.

I’m loving the packed lunches from the motel I’m staying at, this place is just a classic kiwi motor lodge.  Lunch arrives in a brown paper bag with my name on it, small bag of chippies, filled rolls, heaps of fruit and a big bottle of water.  They are doubling as breakfast as well due to the generosity.


Got a leg workout in on Friday afternoon, had a quick debrief over a beer, before picking up some mates and we were off like a ‘Robbers dog’ to Cambridge.

Cambridge has so often been the beginning of some ‘Big nights’ due to the lake situated a couple KMs down the road.  This time Cambridge was merely the staging point for a Roady down to Wanganui (Whanganui) for a Birthday party.  I always knew it was going to be large.

I was underprepared for what it became. It started at 930am and it was pretty spectacular to be honest.  12 people, 1 Van and the best part of probably $500 worth of booze converted into some of the funniest stories for a long time.  I don’t think I want bourbon for a while…. I will miss the showers though.  Ha-ha.  You just had to be there!


This is the issue with big nights, it’s the ba-zillion KJs of shitty food that gets consumed the next day. Not that I know the actual figure.  I was in no mood for Myfitnesspal because I have had some software issues with my phone, which means the streak ended at 95 days… back to day 1.  It can stay there for a while, I feel that I have a pretty good hold on what I need to eat and in what portions.  Except for yesterday, about half of that should be good I think.

I lost and then luckily found my Fitbit.  Albeit after it had spent the evening in the grass at the party, in what can only be called torrential rain and a big portion of luck.

So needless to say, I’ve been avoiding Dave from 360 degree fitness because that way I don’t have to take ownership of my ‘expansive weekend’.  I’m back in business today though, should make the gym tomorrow and maybe tack some circuit work on the end to burn off all of the fast food and friendship bourbons.

You’ve gotta enjoy yourself! Bring on the summer of boat racing!


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