Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 21 September 2014

A well needed break…

I dropped a week off my blog to focus on some other matters, so sit tight and I’ll summarize 2 weeks into 1 update.

Week 1:

Nursing a battered body and a lack of sleep, I had a quiet start to the week.  Off to Auckland on the Monday for 5 days, go through the usual process of spend the morning discussing sport with the logistics manager, spend afternoon writing the previous weeks blog, finding accommodation, and unpacking my stuff on the spare bed.

I caught up with some mates in Takanini and generally kicked back a little.

Come Wednesday after 24 hours of particularly stressful discussions, I decided I would go sign up for a trial at the local gym and move some ‘Tin’ to burn off some of the ‘bad energy’.  I got in a couple good workouts, still struggling with a damaged big toe, which was limiting my cardio abilities…. but I’ll survive haha.

A reasonably clean eating weekend, including a PT session with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness and I sailed into Week 2, still under a reasonable amount of stress and increasing duress.

I have managed to drop 1kg somewhere, so that’s a win.

It’s tough to discuss this, but it’s important so I’ll give a bit of insight.  The stress of life coupled with some really tough decisions and situations to try and resolve, will take its toll on your will and spirit.   It also soaks up more your of energy than you realise.  It’s easy to lose drive and focus during these times.

Having goals and stretch targets in place as well as a good support base, people who are there for you through thick and thin, will help you through these times.  But you have to let the brain rest too. Moderation and balance, the 2 elusive targets.  I was also reminded that moderation should be done in moderation too.  Go excessive every now and then as well.

Back to the physical:  Week 2.

I pushed myself pretty hard last week, 7 workouts in 7 days.  2 x Leg days, 2 x chest/shoulders/Tris, 2 x Back and Bi’s.  On Wednesday, my rest day I picked up a group session in Tawa with Dave and pushed myself through the circuit work.  Struck out 2 goals last week with Deadlift and Squat now well over the 100kg mark.  Time to sit on these weights for a couple of weeks and focus on good technique and repetition.  Body weight is the next lifting goal for these 2 and 84 kg for bench.

The diet was pretty balanced through the week, it’s been 90 days on My Fitness Pal and I’ve finally seen the big picture.  My Macro’s were bang on for the week: 40% Carbs, 30% Fat, and 30% Protein. Needless to say the world’s chicken supplies have suffered, along with the nostrils after some dusty Protein flatulence… Too much info? Haha.

We celebrated the Election night in a unique way, as some of you may have seen with ‘Alternative Election night commentary’ up for offer on Social media.  I’ve got onto some Zero sugar Bourbons that allow me to play up on the odd occasion, but remain in a good area calorie wise.

It doesn’t exclude the hangover from the equation, but I can still have a few tubes and keep the ledger relatively balanced.

I have 2 weeks in Auckland now, rest days will include cardio and push ups and I should have some company on gym days all going to plan, which should consolidate the gains of last week.

Keep smiling team and I’ll keep fighting the good fight.


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