Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 7 September 2014

Crippling assumed fitness…

I’ve had another week at home due to some imposed annual leave.  Apparently five weeks leave accrual is a little more than work will accept on the ‘Run 2 Line’ budget initiative in place to see us through to the end of the financial year.

I’ve spent heaps of time with my girls, which has been real good.  They are still a splendid method of over indulging food wise, as all the stuff they eat is real tasty and real easy to eat, they also routinely leave a large percentage of their meal uneaten.  So that’s been a bit of a battle.  I also may have used takeaways as a bargaining tool during the week, so I’ve had two 1000 KJ blow outs during the week.

I also had the ‘pleasure’ of crossing the touchline in an invitational, so called,  social rugby match on Friday night.  Now my all round fitness has improved a great deal since starting this in June.  My strength is also increasing in a steady trend, mostly due to a lot of lifting sessions with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness.

These improvements counted for what felt like exactly nothing when you start running into a couple large specimens on the footy field.  Match fitness is a completely different thing.  I wasn’t expecting a full 80mins or anything, but it’s amazing the energy expended trying to stop and start a big body around a field.  The impact is also something I had forgotten about, somehow… I had a hell of a time, with some good boys on the field and a few celebratory jugs to boot.  I also tucked in a feed at BK somewhere after this.  I forgot about my diet after 3 jugs, it must have been the head knocks at ruck and maul time… At least I wasn’t one of the ones with the broken nose or collar bone.

Now, Saturday mornings are usually a pretty busy time for me, I take my eldest to tap dancing, do the run around and see the mates and my folks etc. This is followed by making grand plans for the evening.

Saturday gone started at 7:30am with a string of groans and swear words as I slowly crept to the edge of the bed and attempted to move my feet to the floor.  It was at this stage I realised my head wouldn’t turn on my neck.  I battled to get some clothes on and get my daughter to tap dancing. Needless to say it was a very quiet day, chewing over some war wounds with a mate.  That evening I watched the AB’s play from a 2 yr olds foam chair on the lounge floor of a friend’s.  It took about a minute to get both in and out of this soft, foamy trap.  Needless to say, no exercise was undertaken over the weekend and I’m still pretty sore writing this at 3pm on Monday.

As a parting note, I got myself a Fitbit and have been playing with that app and its options.  It works nicely with MyFitnessPal and isn’t intrusive in anyway.  I’ve now gone 77 days logging all my food and its becoming a little tiresome.  I will see out 100 days as a personal goal and change to the Fitbit App for tracking, maybe I’ll scour another 100 days on that app.  It’s a nifty little contraption!

See, I told you I’d have a story this week.


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