Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 31 August 2014

Consistency is key…

As this goes to press, I find myself a little lost for enthusiasm.  Mostly to do with some sort muscular issue in my back [editors note: follow this link for an article on handling training injuries] which has me off the workouts at the moment, but also it’s been a funny old week.

The week nutrition wise was pretty inconsistent. I had a wee blow out after a few beers on Wednesday, followed by a full day out on a boat, deep sea fishing.  According to the pedometer there were 4500 steps taken on the boat alone, which equates to a lot of balancing effort, and the conditions were perfect, so on a rough day the work would add up pretty quick.  Over the weekend we celebrated Dads 65th birthday which was entertaining. We had a BBQ, enjoyed some of that hard earned fish from Thursday and a few beers.  Then a few more, then the rest of them and a bottle of Red tucked in for good measure.

Note: This seems familiar.

That aside it was yet another cracking weekend.  Good company, Good times.

With all the activities of the week and the past few weeks of work presenting such a full schedule, Sleep has been on the back burner for a while now, I feel, to my detriment. I’ve never been much of a sleeper to be fair.  Be it early starts for work or FOMO [fear of missing out] while away with my mates.  However it is becoming more apparent that more exercise makes me more tired and I have not been balancing the books in this area.  I’ve sought a little advice on the topic and have added another supplement to assist in the quality of sleep.  So it’s all about catching up with sleep this week.

Ticked a couple boxes last week.  PB [personal best] Squat and Deadlift, so progress is ticking along nicely there and I picked up an Open group fitness session at the Tawa Community centre with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness.

This week is going to be all sleep, healing the back issue and eating consistently. I’ll be back next with more energy and no doubt a funny story because this entry is dull.


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