Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 24 August 2014

How Air NZ took away my Carls Jr…

It had been a reasonably solid week on the nutrition stakes, keeping it in the green on the My Fitness Pal app.  I’d put in the hours at work earlier in the week for the run home to completion of the latest project on Friday.  It was safe to say I had some time to kill Friday afternoon, thought I’d have a cheeky feed from Carls Jr, which if you’ve had before, you’ll know is a special time.  It would fry my Macros but nonetheless I had the Kjs to spare and I was going to draw on them for a burger.  Until Air NZ stepped in.

Now I know this is way off subject.  But at 4PM my phone tells me that I had completed check in and to proceed to the gate.  I was 30km away from the airport… So I panicked, grabbed my gear and raced out to the car, jumped in and I was off to the airport, ready to fight!  I called my travel agent on the way and she got to work sorting it out.

When you have faith in the system, it will let you down.  When you’ve got the gloves on ready for a round or 2, it operates seamlessly….  I got to the airport an hour earlier than planned and everything went swimmingly.  So I never got to Carls Jr.

The plan for the last 14 days was a green light everyday on food intake, get some exercise in, keep the macros on target and get results.  All boxes ticked.  Consistency is the key and it is working well.

I got out to a birthday celebration on Saturday night, it was brilliant, great company and great to see so many people who have been so core to my families past and no doubt future.  I feel privileged to share the bond that our families do.  It was also awesome to have plenty of supporters in that group. Had a few beers, a few more and then another for good measure.  The bloody ‘smart’ phone ran out of juice pretty early, so I grabbed my overall KJ’s remaining number before its death and subtracted 436Kj from it for each beer.  Bless nutritional info on beer bottles these days.  When I ran out of KJs I got on the water and was happy for the rest of the evening.

Weigh in on Saturday morning had me packing myself a little, worried I wouldn’t see the results that I was hoping for.  It was unnecessary.

125Kg flat! 3kg off in 3 weeks. Really happy.

New minor goal is Sub 120Kg and few strength KPIs.  I’m keeping these goals with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness for now.  We’ve got a big 2 weeks of working out ahead, until it’s time to go back to work.

I’m making the most of my enthusiasm at the moment.

I might make the most of this weather and go for a fish too.  Weights aren’t the only goals measured in Lbs!