Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 17 August 2014

Kicking goals…

It’s been a big week in Auckland with 12-14hr work days on site, followed by an hour or so a night on the computer, which has limited my time for anything other than sleep, which I’m not getting enough of.  I have however had one of those weeks where it’s cold and shitty with rain and wind for good measure.  I’m pretty certain that when you are working outside in that weather you churn through the calories pretty quick.

I was also successfully banging out 5 balanced meals a day this week with loads of fruit and a good balance on the Macros.  2 Bananas a day baby!

I got a workout in on Monday night, in the hotel, which isn’t well equipped at all.  Half way through my workout, an oriental gentleman wonders into the gym, dressed in a fine NZ woollen jumper, Khakis and tan dress shoes.  He peruses the wall chart for the weights machine and then hops aboard and does a few awkward reps of every exercise on the chart.  I did get quite a lot of entertainment out of this.  Other than that outing, I haven’t put many points on the table this week workout wise.  I am considering getting a step counting gizmo.  I reckon I’d be cranking out between 5000-7000 a day currently.

Not a single drop of booze this week. It’s not giving up. I’m just not leaning on booze to ‘relax’.

The goal is 12 days (1 whole swing away at work) in the green KJ wise. I’m 7 days down so far.  I’ve also gone 55 days consecutive on my fitness Pal logging my meals.  So that goal has pushed to 100 days.

Goal setting is something that people can get wrong.  I’m not going to badger the shit out of you with ‘Effective goal setting techniques’. That’s where a trainer/mentor will come in. Google “SMART objectives”.  Enough said.

My Trainer/Mentor is Dave from 360 Degree fitness.  To give you some background, I taught Dave (Big Cat/Hutch/’The Snag-spert’) to fish a couple years of ago.  He in return went away and caught a bigger Kingfish than me.  In summer-time we will have to split workout time and fishing time a little closer to 50% each.

So with his support and advice I’m undertaking this journey.  I will ring him 3 times a week with random questions and new ways that I’ve thought up to cheat the ‘body’ into gains/losses.  He will usually steer me down the correct thought path and keep me on track.  He designs my workouts and I also do the vast majority of my Lifting with Dave at his place and try to score some free dinner while I’m there.

Without his support and mentoring I wouldn’t have made it this far.  It’s important to have the reminders you require to drive to the next goal.  Cheers Mate!

Next goal: 125Kg and 100 days consecutive on the old ‘App’.

Maybe I’ll see some of you soon at one of the 360 Degree Fitness group fitness classeswhen I get back to Wellington.