Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 10 August 2014

The people on the sidelines…

Let’s kick off with some positives:

  • Made it to a men’s group fitness session run by Dave from 360 Degree Fitness last Monday morning and expanded the lungs after what had been a big weekend.
  • Got in 4 more workouts of varying value during the week.  Lots of weights, big numbers in the tin, low reps sort of stuff, going till technical failure on the last set.
    My body has been 360 Degrees worth of hurt this week…
  • I bought a new shirt and a new pair of jeans, both a size down from where I started, so now there is a new KPI: Clothing size!

Intake wise I finished the week in the green on My Fitness Pal by about 3500Kj even after a blow out on Saturday night, Re: Last week’s blog.  Same Hurdles, same race, same outcome.

I’m going to have to look at the way I drink to be honest.  It’s causing me grief in both my weight loss career and my personal life.

It’s also becoming apparent that it’s time to join a Gym, looking for something 24hr that I can use nationwide.  Equipment wise I’m looking for a rowing machine, a power cage and some tin, so that’s not an issue.  There’s not a lot of options, but I think I’m settled on one so I’ll be sorting that out shortly.

So, blog title relevant information ahead… It’s interesting how the people around you react to the choices you make. I made a choice to lose the weight, I also made a choice to write about it. There is heaps of support coming in too, which I can only say thanks for. [editors note: for info on building support systems follow this link]

Getting messages from around the country and even around the world is good energy, I love that shit!  But there is also a bad vibe, people will drop sly remarks and sarcastic comments.  These people will be closer to you than you expect.  I’m just letting it slide for now.  Letting stuff slide is not my default setting either…

Results are fact.  I deal in facts.

Cheers again for the support team, it wouldn’t be half as much fun without you.