Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 3 August 2014

If only I was a light bulb…

Apparently 1KJ is 1 watt of output for 1 second. So a 100w light bulb consumes 6000KJ in a minute.

If only I was that bright…

I am becoming acutely aware of the fact that I continue to write about the hurdles I come across and that I run into the same hurdles continuously.

Booze is a constant hurdle.  I enjoy a drink, I really enjoy the next 5 or 6 after that on the weekends.  I saw the blowout coming on Saturday night and accepted the fact.  It was a great evening with a group of 15 of us getting amongst some Japanese at a BYO on Courtenay Place.  The salad entree I had generated some discussion.  Not as much as all the wine though.  Everyone had a great time and it really is important to get that social balance right.

I’ve been out for dinner a few times in the last week and that’s stretched the Calorie friendship.  I’ve done my best to mow out as much salad as I can, but it’s the bloody wine with dinner.  My conclusion is that it’s ridiculous to try and achieve all of my nutritional goals and enjoy dinner out. Obviously, Dinner out is going to be the loser on this one.

But I don’t have much issue with that anymore.

I jumped in the car with some of the field operators from our Auckland business on Wednesday to go get some smoko.  Pies, sausages, kebabs and the like were all the order of the day, washed down with coke of course.  I actively chose to buy a 1.5l of water and 2 bananas, and I was happy with my choice.  It’s these moments that make me realise the changes I’ve made and how much better I feel for them.

Anyway, I got a couple of workouts in during the week.  Getting a good sweat up and then getting some weights done, I find it easy to talk myself into weights, not so much the rowing machine. Working out is heaps easier now that I’ve kicked some of those soft kilos and the heart rate seems a lot more stable during exercise.  I need to focus on consistently working out.  Creating those good habits, as opposed to the sporadic exercise of the present.

I’ll hopefully squeeze in a couple of Men’s group fitness sessions with Dave from 360 Degree fitness this week and get some Olympic lifting underway.

Weigh in on the weekend had 128kg popping up on the scales. Trending well, although I’m a little disappointed with only 0.5kg loss/week.  I’m going to make a few more changes to diet and exercise over the next week or so to start making those gains and losses.

I think the easy work has been done.


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