Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 27 July 2014

Bananas:  B – A – N – A – N – A – S!

FACT: The only known source of Potassium in the world is Bananas.  I know this through the process of trying to balance my Macro’s.

After 6-7 weeks of this gig, balancing macros has become easier.  Sodium intake has been the toughest to manage but I’ve had 4 days this week with green lights across the board (under on bad things, over on the good) which spurs the internal victory dance.  Fresh food/green food/food which had a face is ticking the boxes, along with fill ya boots on the greens.

I’ve cracked on this week and managed my diet pretty well.  I’m finding that 11000KJs is a lot of food now and I’m sitting between 8000 – 10000KJ a day pretty comfortably now.  Eating my meals on time and picking better food seems to make me less hungry during the day.  I had a chat to Dave from 360 Degree Fitness and he has reminded me that while the main focus is weight loss through diet, sitting at this KJ rate is fine, once the heavy workouts begin, food intake needs to increase with it.  Food is energy.  Gotcha!

Running has been on the cards lately and while it’s a bit colder out, running is pretty enjoyable. Unfortunately the stretchy bits that hold my body together aren’t picking up what I’m putting down. I’ve never enjoyed running.  I’ve always been a moving heavy things, slowly, kind of guy.  However, in the last few weeks I’ve had the drive to run and the ol’ brain drugs (endorphins, I’m told) kick in quick and make running a satisfying experience.  John Kirwan is on the money with his claims of exercise equalling mental wellness.  Unfortunately the body is just not built for running at the moment so I’m having to ease myself into it.  My right Achilles in particular isn’t a fan of propelling me at speed through the world.

When I’m able to, I’ll run myself silly.

I had the pleasure of catching up with long time friends this week and we had pizza for dinner with their kids and then a few scotches, while we played some new breed of monopoly and solved the world’s big issues.  I blew the KJ’s at dinner, which was inevitable but was a little disappointing. Having an overdue catch up does the soul good, keeping the whole shooting match in balance and enjoying great company ‘vetoes’ the KJ expenditure.

A few beers Saturday afternoon knocked the KJ’s around and watching people eat K-Fry while I have eggs on toast is not my idea of fun, but I stuck to the plan and stayed on target while prepping some gear for my first fishing expedition in the Firth of Thames with a few chaps.  Not worth mentioning much more about that.

Good company, good food, good times.

P.S: There is something wrong with my clothes, they are starting to fall off under their own accord.


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