Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 20 July 2014

Go big or go home…

Go large or go home… (On the 3am bus that is).

We’ll get to the blow out in a bit.

Firstly the weather has been ridiculous, 7 years in outback, Western Australia has me at a negative stance with cold, shitty southerlies. Plus it spoils the south coast for fishing.

Mum and dad’s scales get wheeled out for another weigh in: 129.4kgs.

Another 2kgs gone!  I’m crushing this!

I got some good time in with my daughters, 6 & 8 years old, who are driving me to lose weight.
It was only 3-4 months ago when my eldest, bless her, called me ‘big fat daddy’ while rubbing my tummy.  I know she didn’t mean it in a way to hurt me.  Kids just call it as they see it.  I’m doing this for my own selfish reasons, one of which is to live longer and do more with my kids.  A big ticker will only get you so far, but when it’s pushing blood around a big body, it’s doing work…

Kids will order what they want from Maccas and without fail leave half of it on the tray.  I’ll ‘cherry pick’ the nuggets and maybe the rest of that burger.  Boom!  Water for dinner with a boiled egg and soldiers, maybe I should have got the salad and meat gig from the Turkish joint in the food court. Never mind, keep it below 11,000KJs for the day and consider it ‘food for thought’.

It was a pretty average week diet wise.  Didn’t get into the macro breakdown because I know fat would have been high and protein low.  Just soldiered on with the KJs in mind and tried to not whinge about the weather too much.  It was rubbish if you haven’t heard.

I got myself to a mean fitness session with Dave from 360 Degree Fitness.  A cold evening, a nice warm room in the local community centre, cranking out circuits to some quality NZ beats.  I made it through much easier than the last one. Feeling some gains, need to exercise more now.  Got to get those gains!

The blowout almost deserves its own individual entry.  It’s an epic story of poor choices. I’ll bullet point it for you:

  • Not having dinner so I can drink a dozen low carb beers = Fail.
  • Necking the dozen in 2 hours and going to a party with more beers = Fail
  • Apparently we went to town = It’s hearsay at best!
  • Got amongst it on the D-floor = Exercise?
  • I got home from town at 5am-ish. Some hundreds of $$$ lighter… = gains v losses?

Don’t know how many KJs were consumed, but it would have been a monster of a blow out, considering I wasn’t a functioning human being until 6pm Saturday night, when I finally managed to eat something.  I did however put some of the drinks into Saturday’s count, as they were consumed on the Saturday…

From what I’m told, I was in stellar form on Friday night.  So I’m glad I enjoyed myself…

Good chat team.


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