Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 14 December 2014

Forget Sons of Anarchy, this is the finale you should be focused on.

When I first started blogging my weight loss journey, I figured it would be a bit of accountability for those times of apathy and a bit of a giggle for all the bits in between. It’s ranged from being the party blog to times where it has been very deep and personal. This one is feeling pretty personal…

Achievements so far:

Last weigh in was 118.6kg, which is just over 25kg lost since June. Clothes are loose, work gear is baggy, pants need smaller belts etc. I genuinely feel healthier and leaner.

I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, hard to quantify but most things move pretty easily these days if I apply force to them.

I’m the fittest I’ve been in a decade, I’ve even started trying to run around the suburb that I live in. I’m not setting the world on fire, but believe me, at no stage in my life have I been tempted to run for exercise. I now have a time/distance goal.

I actively seek out the healthier options and monitor my food intake. I’m still not very good at doing this part with the booze, but Zero Sugar bourbons are now the mainstay for big nights.

I have not, as some suggested, lost my personality with the weight. Now if only I could run my body as fast as I run my mouth.

All in all, it’s been a labour, but I’ve grown a passion for health and wellbeing and I’m happy being me now, much happier than me previously. I got lost along the way a few times and chased a few ‘thin’ ideas. The biggest learning was: Do everything in moderation, including moderation. There are no hard and fast rules, for me, Balance seems to be the key.

We’ve all faced our struggles this year, most of you have read mine as well. I lost my biggest supporter last week. Dad would always quietly make a comment about how I’d lost weight or I was looking smaller, something along those lines. Dad didn’t give compliments away often, but he was pretty vocal about it when I started losing weight. Dad was always a big man, not tall, but big and strong. It was hard watching him struggle through the last few years, losing his strength and energy to an illness, which was in part lifestyle related. This fact was another driving force in me changing my lifestyle and improving my overall wellbeing.

I haven’t really done a lot of anything in the last fortnight or so, moving to Auckland and then Dad passing has put everything else on the back burner. Mentally it’s been the most emotional and draining time in my life. But, we’ve come too far to give up. I’ll probably dig  out the rest of this month day by day, make a New Year’s resolution based somewhat around the state of my hangover and not drinking ever again and then kick on with some new goals, as the last one has fallen over pretty fast.

This however, will be my last ‘Weekly’ (How many days are there in a week Nui?) blog. I might drop a note out every now and then. But 2015 may be the year of quietly going about my life, not on Facebook. Thank you to everyone for the support and all the advice.

A massive, whole-hearted thank you to David and Sarah Hutchings, your support, input, advice and friendship have been the launching point of all of this and the shelter in the storms.

Rest easy Dad, I’ll take the load from here.

Merry Xmas everyone,

Love to you all,


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