Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 7 November 2014

The poached chicken affair…

Poached chicken has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve done yet. It was not good, I cooked it under advice from restaurateur. So back to frying it in a non-stick pan with Portuguese seasoning.

Nutrition has been pretty good, avocado on toast for breaky, my sweet packed lunches for the day and Chicken breast, Uncle Bens rice, veges and half an avocado for dinner. Its real plain, but I feel like it’s working, looking forward to weighing on Saturday.

The weekend featured a stag-do and an 80’s party. I took the chance to be sober driver and just chugged on some water for the night. Drunk people are funny to be around, It’s amazing how many drinks you get spilt on you when you are not drinking. I ended up stinking of booze by the end of the night. It was a good night with a few laughs and a lot that apparently only I can remember happening. With boat racing around the corner I don’t think the sober gig will last forever, but it’s probably worth working it in a little more often.

During the week I received the job offer that I’ve been waiting for, so it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks coming up packing my stuff for a move to Auckland. After a bit of thought I might look at changing gyms once I move. My current gym is ok, covers what I want to do, but the branch I most regularly attend is small and I’m losing my patience with going in the afternoon/evening and it being really busy. I might look for another gym which has a bit more room and some more equipment. I’ve got in a couple of morning workouts in, plus I knocked off early one day and one on the weekend. I’ve also started doing 7 min workouts on an App that I downloaded for free. 12 exercises, 30 secs on/ 10 secs off. 7 mins. Bloody tough times actually, but easy enough, all body weight stuff and easily done in the motel room.

I don’t have a lot else to add to be honest. It’s quite hard to fill a weight loss blog with words when all you do is eat pretty well, workout and don’t drink. Maybe I better have a few drinks on the Weekend, just for your guy’s sake, haha.

So, I’ll do some work stick to the diet and aim for sub 120kg weigh in on Saturday morning.

Till then.


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