Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 24 October 2014

I’ll try and write my updates by Monday…

I’m getting later and later with these updates. I probably need to get these back to the start of the week.

To round out last week, I had a couple of good workouts, both heavy lifts and a fair amount of activity at work. The weekend kicked off with a few Bevvies for a mates birthday which stayed pretty well on the level and a BBQ the next day. In classic Wellington form, we cooked inside a garage… But BBQ season is well underway.

Since Sunday the nutrition plan has changed. I’m going to push on for at least the next month, with a diet mostly of grilled protein, brown rice, veges and eggs. This should be around 2000 calories/days (8000KJs/day). This amount, according to all the tech wizardry that I’ve invested in will give me at least 500 calorie deficit on days where I do absolutely no exercise, which is pretty rare these days.

To go with this change in nutrition I’ve also aligned my focus in the gym, with more of a focus on burning fat and weight until the end of year. Dave from 360 Degree Fitness has made up a new workout plan for me, Involving 3 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio days to dial in on burning the fat and losing the weight and 2 lifting days with more of a focus on maintaining the strength gains I’ve made up till now. This replaces the nonstop heavy lifting days focused on lifting bigger.

The goal has been written and re-written over the last 2 weeks until it became glaringly obvious the other day. Funnily enough my Doctor was the one who led me to this final layout:

  • To have a flat stomach, by 1/1/2015. (Pretty simple aye, pretty aggressive too)

I’ve had measurements taken and I’ve weighed at the start of this new goal and they are:

  • Chest: 127cm, Waist 114cm, Hips 105cm.
  • Weight 122.5kg

I did drop another 2.5kg between weigh-ins so that was a welcome reward for a couple weeks of focus on diet and activity, oh and cheesecake, that cheesecake was ridiculously good.

I had to do a Periodic medical for work this week and that went very well. Blood pressure has greatly improved and according to BMI I’m just regular obese. Haha, blast your white man metrics….The work is changing as well. I think I’ll maybe only be 20-40% behind a desk now, which means a great deal more time out on Bench doing the hard yards. This is ideal.

I’ll try and write my updates by Monday.


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