Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 12 July 2014

A cruel mistress…

Temptation is a cruel, deceitful, psychologically rewarding mistress…

I will harm the next person who puts half a block of Whittaker’s in front of me.  James – Directly at you pal.

Just a couple pieces?  Perfect.  Wow is this the Strawberry one?  It’s pretty good.  Maybe another couple?  ‘Have the rest’ she says.  I eat the remaining half a block over the period of 30 mins… completely aware that a logged the first 4 pieces in My Fitness Pal, but none of the remainder.  Until the next day, all of a sudden yesterday was a blow out, only a 500Kj blow out but still, it would have been 2000KJ in the green had it not been for the chocolate, oh and the chocolate dessert.

Disappointment in myself smells like cocoa… sweet, sweet cocoa.

Otherwise this week has been an exercise in eating plenty of veges and making good choices.  Which I feel I have done.  My mate is really disciplined about his diet and exercise and gets the results from it.  I’m keen to feed on some of this energy and put it to use, which I did, mostly.  80% 80% 80%.

I also forced myself to have a breakfast of marinated mussels and canned tuna to save some KJs for a treat on Friday afternoon before flying home to Wellington.  Mussels are not a breakfast food… Don’t bother with that carry on.  A glass of high pressure steam would have been more pleasant. Anyway, had a feed at Carls Jr in Mangere before jumping on my plane home.  So good.  So highly calorific.  But I saved up my ‘pennies’ and got myself something for them.  A pleasant result.

Note: Portion control is not so much of an issue anymore, I feel full sooner and I don’t want an extra burger with the combo or 2nd steak/seconds in general.

Time for a week off, the weather is shit, southerlies and big swells.  So no fishing, but I’ll get some time in with kids given its school holidays.  I better get along to a men’s group fitness session with Dave from 360 degree fitness too.  It’s been a wee while.


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