Nui’s Weight Loss Journey – 5 July 2014

29 June – 5 July

If you don’t wanna eat – try a gastro-bug!

I’ll start off with, if you don’t want to eat bugger all for 2 days, try a nasty gastro-like bug.
Unwell times…

Sunday was a complete dot day with only Powerade consumed, and me huddled around an oil heater with a blanket, yelling at anything within 6 foot of me, including the heater and the extension cable for their inability to work together.

Monday, jumped on a plane to Westport, still unwell, nursed my way through a cheese savoury and another couple of Powerades.  Cheese savouries may as well be made out of some sort of super exponential KJ³ type ingredients.  But Wow they are tasty.  Felt good enough for a chicken burger that evening.  Not the greatest start to the week so far.

The remainder of the week till Friday was pretty full on trying to wrap up a project that feels like it has consumed my entire life, figuratively speaking.  Made some educated choices around breakfast, usually something with eggs and good old Watties spaghetti, with a couple slices of the lowest KJ toast I could find and even a wee sausage as a treat.  Bacon seems to be off the cards now, but I’m pushing pretty hard at the moment.  Lunch was Subway, everyday.  Dinner was all you can eat veges, with a little salad and a Steak, not 2 Steaks, as it would have been a month ago.

A quick dash to Welly for the weekend.  Jump on the scales this morning: 131.5Kg!


The thing I noticed in my Macro-nutrient break down is my Sodium intake is well higher than it should be.  David from 360 Degree Fitness gives me the hot tip to back off the processed food, and to focus on shifting the ‘Big rocks’ first (focus on KJs).  I’m a miner mate.  I don’t discriminate: All rocks get moved always… haha, message received!

Next stop Auckland for a week, staying with mates, one of whom is the one who got me focused at the gym all those years ago when 108kg was the apex of my physical wellbeing, I’ve got a good feeling about this week coming.

– Nui.

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