Nui’s Weight Loss Journey

So It’s June…

So it’s June, 5 months down on this rollercoaster and not a lot to show for it.  Except for a growing waistline.  To give some detail to that statement; I travel…a lot…34.32 weeks a year to be exact. The travel isn’t the issue – it’s the takeaways, restaurant dinners, pies and beers that do the damage. Returning home for a week off is equally as bad because I spend a week catching up with everyone. Involving beers and restaurants, takeaways, and late night pie missions when I’m out fishing with a mate and its cold and the fishing is ‘less than ideal’.

I’m a big guy, 6ft, fluctuating from 135-145Kg lately.  I left NZ a spritely 108Kg after a lot of dedication at the gym with a mate and an apprenticeship income, which afforded me little once a few Wellington bars took their share of my earnings.  Career success leads to greater earning, less active work and a more extravagant lifestyle.  These add kilos.  About 25 to 30 of them.  Over 7-8 years.

Rugby helped keep the fitness in check.  A string of injuries made sure rugby’s good deeds didn’t go without punishment.

So here I am, Just off the back end of another swing (rostered days on, I’m a Project manager for a mining support company) in Westport.  I jump on the scales, half expecting disappointment, to find that 144Kg has turned into 134Kg… 2 very active weeks, totalling somewhere around 150 hrs of work has done a number on the weight.  10 kg lost through getting on the tools, up and down ladders and lifting endless lengths of schedule stainless steel pipe.  All of this with little to no change in diet.  I wonder what I could achieve if laid off the Fish n chips with a couple of eggs.

David from 360 Degree fitness has given me some guidance and a few tools to give this a proper nudge, I’m a fairly driven guy, with some well documented vices, but I’m in this 100%, well maybe 80% to be fair…but 80% good is better than 100% apathy.

So it begins.  I’m going down this path, I know this will seem uneventful to some, but this is my gig and this blog will be a key driver for me too, because I will be accountable for my losses and likely gains.

I’m on the Job.


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